Transport services

Apart from transport services with its own fleet, M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. has been also cooperating with a whole range of leading Czech transport companies and several foreign partners. Thanks to them, the company is able to offer its services to many eminent Czech and foreign clients to whom it has been providing high quality and trustworthy services for several years. In providing its services, M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. puts the customer at the prominent place and therefore, emphasis is placed not only on the quality of the work performed but also on the fleet and on other equipment the employees are working with as well as on the employees themselves. Providing additional qualification and training in all the areas relevant for high quality performance is thus considered an absolute basis.


  • We have taken a sufficient insurance coverage for vehicles´ loads; for our fleet, we use top quality servicing and data communication technology for maximum availability of our drivers. We take for granted that we seek to secure maximum safety, speed and quality of transport of consignment in most cases within 24-48 hours anywhere within the territory of Europe.
  • With respect to the fact that M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. has been offering express transport services in the form of the collection service (consignments are combined for more partners at the same time) the prices are proportional to the quality we offer and they are very attractive. These collection services are performed mainly with the countries such as Germany (at least 1-2 times per week), Austria (at least once per week), United Kingdom (at least twice a week), Sweden and other countries.