Customs clearance

Due to the pressure from our clients and in an effort to be able to offer comprehensive services in transport we extended our activities with a new department at the end of 2000. It is focusing on the comprehensive clearance activities in customs services. This means that the employees of M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. will fully clear any consignment that is prepared for export from the Czech Republic or that was imported to the Czech Republic for both commercial and private purposes. As a standard, we can clear consignments of all sorts, that is road, sea and railroad transport. We are able to issue all types of documents necessary for customs clearance (VDD, T1, EUR1, CARNET TIR, CARNET ATA, customs import declaration etc.), we will represent clients in the customs proceedings at the customs office and we will arrange all formalities related to the customs proceedings in the shortest possible time.

Pricelist of customs declaration will be sent to you upon request


  • We work with CELSA software from Admija, which we always keep updated and we use modern, fast and high quality computers.
  • Since the Czech Republic joined the EU, M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. has been offering the service representation within the INTRASTAT system.
  • This department files SPD on behalf of our clients both in hardcopy and digital form, we also offer the issuance of the certificate of goods origin.
  • M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. has been using the simplified procedure, which allows for a very fast and high-quality contact with the customs offices as well as with our clients.