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About us Welcome to Transera Logistic


Formation of the company or rather its name – M.S.TRADE goes back already to the first half of 1996. Originally, the company was established by joining of two natural persons carrying out business into an association of entrepreneurs under the name M.S.TRADE. In this form, M.S.TRADE carried out activities in export and import, international transport and shipping. In the following years, the company expanded its activities in express transportation services and the volume of orders grew to such an extent that it was necessary to transform the company into a new form – M.S.TRADE-CZ limited liability company was formed and registered in the Commercial Register at the end of 1998.

Since this moment, the company has been coming to prominence in the market of the transportation services and logistics offered by small and middle-sized companies.

In the year 2000, the name of the company, M.S.TRADE was registered as a trademark in the Trademark Register.

At present, M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. is rendering its services to the customers mainly in the international transport and international forwarding in all possible options i.e. road, sea and air transportation. Furthermore, our services also cover comprehensive customs services, warehousing, collection of consignments and their subsequent delivery, so called cross-docking and last but not least international trade and brokerage.

We are not sleeping, we are upgrading

M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. is planning to continue investing not only in the extending of its fleet but also it is planning to construct a new logistics centre with sufficient warehousing and service facilities for the needs of the company as well as for the customers. At present, we operate warehousing areas for our clients of approximately 3000m². In addition, we have been constantly implementing novelties in the area of software and communication equipment where we use the state-of-the- art technology available in the market.

Our business partners


For many years, M.S.TRADE-CZ s.r.o. has been working for many eminent Czech companies and business organizations but also for foreign customers. They all are ready to give references with respect to the quality of the services provided by our company